Dr. John Salerno
Dr. John Salerno
Founder, IVthera

IV Thera - Vitamin IV Licensing Worldwide Centers

I am Dr John Salerno and I am the founder of the Salerno Center in Manhattan, New York, and IVThera, vitamin IV licensing worldwide centers. I am very excited to share my nearly 20 years experience of iv vitamin protocols. Every protocol offered at IVThera was developed by myself and continually modified and updated to get them just right! We have seen some truly remarkable healings at my Salerno Center in New York City through the years!

I am delighted to offer these IVs to licensees for all to share. While I have over 20 affiliated centers throughout the world including Japan, Brazil, Korea and the United States, this is the first offering of licensing by the Salerno Center. Our first is now in Oman, and the second in Viera Florida. Ten more are slated for south west Connecticut.

The business of IV vitamin therapies is growing rapidly. Patients are seeing and feeling the enormous results with them. From improving skin tone, to instant energy lifts and treatments of cold and flu, as well as IVs for improved memory, anxiety arthritis, and hangovers, people all over the world are discovering the results of IV nutrient therapy.

They work so effectively because the nutrients bypass the liver and go directly into the bloodstream. Additionally many patients do not absorb vitamins effectively orally due to malabsorption, leaky gut, irritable bowel and many other issues. Side effects are minimal.

The time is now to embark on this exciting new business. The chance to truly help and affect people's lives and dramatically increase revenues makes this a truly rewarding venture. I am very excited to embark with you!

All my very best in health and happiness,

Dr. John P Salerno