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Lauded as an international pioneer in the fields of anti aging and weight loss, Dr. John P Salerno is a leader in the practice of complementary medicine. Dr. Salerno is a world renowned physician with 20 years of clinical experience. He has served as preceptor at Yale University Medical School and worked closely with Dr. Robert C. Atkins. His professional experience in Europe, South America, Japan, and the US put him at the forefront of integrative and preventive medicine.

Best known for his own line of high quality vita-nutrient IV protocols, Dr. Salerno as established him self as the leader in field of IV vita nutrient therapy. With over 31 exclusive IV nutrient protocols, Dr. Salerno incorporates, vita nutrient IV therapy. His various protocols help prevent and treat, heart disease, cancer, brain dysfunction, diabetes, weight loss, heavy metal detox, anxiety, auto immune, anti aging, vitamin deficiency, just to name a few....

Dr. Salerno is the author of several books, and has been interviewed on several talk shows, discussing his methods. He claims dozens of celebrities as his patients. He is the founder of the Salerno Center for Complimentary Medicine in New York City. In addition he  has licensed Salerno centers all over the world, including Japan, Brazil, Oman and Dubai.

Salerno Licensed IV Centers


Dr. Salerno IV Centers will be wholly owned and operated Salerno IV centers. Each center will be licensed directly from the Salerno Center LLC. Each Salerno IV center will use Dr. Salerno's methodology as it pertains to Vita Nutrient IV therapy. The Salerno IV Centers will strictly adhere to Dr. Salerno's training and procedures. The focus of these IV centers will be to provide clients the same high level of care and treatment that they would experience at the Salerno Center in NYC. The Salerno IV Centers will offer a focused selection of 10 of Dr. Salerno's Vita Nutrient IV Protocols, with the ability to add or change based on clients needs.

In addition to the IV treatments, each Salerno IV licensed center will sell and market 10-15 of Dr. Salerno's vitamin supplements.

Every Licensed Salerno center will be smaller replica of the Salerno Center for Complimentary Medicine in NYC. In addition to vitamin IV therapy, each center will have the ability to offer other treatments, including IM injections, hyperbaric chamber, and Cool Sculpting Fat Burning.

Every Salerno IV center will staffed with a receptionist and at least one registered nurse.


License/Brand Contributions

Dr. Salerno IVthera

The Salerno Brand and reputation as a Worldwide leader in Complimentary Medicine.

  • Exclusive training by Dr. Salerno.
  • Exclusive use of Dr. Salerno's IV protocols.
  • Continuous Product Research & Development.
  • Continuous Medical Protocol.
  • Engagement of celebrity endorsements.
  • Social Media Platform Strategy.
  • Branding materials.
  • Ongoing Operational Support and on site appearances with Dr.. Salerno.
  • Special events to promote new IV Protocols and or other treatments.
  • SEO Optimization investments.


Each free standing Salerno IV center will be located in high traffic location that will promote walk in clients. Each location will be at least 1500 Square feet in size. The IV Centers will be equipped with 8 individual patient lounge chairs.


Lifts - Licensed Salerno Center in Melbourne, Florida

Salerno Licensed Center - Now Open in Melbourne, Florida!

Founded by a Florida, emergency room doctor and his wife, VITALIFTS aims to become the regional leader in vitamin IV drips and hydration therapies. As a licensed center by Dr. John Salerno of the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in New York City, their IV protocols and methods have been specifically developed and approved by Dr. Salerno.

Revenue Model

Year 1

IV Treatment Sales*

Supplement Retail Sales**


Year 2

IV Treatment Sales
Projected Growth and Turnover of 20%

Supplement Retail Sales
Projecting 20% Growth


Year 3

IV Treatment Sales
Projected growth and turnover of 30%

Supplement Retail Sales
Projecting 30% growth